Dear Friends,

As the summer quickly approaches, I am looking forward to moving to Richmond and beginning the next chapter in my life as the Head of School at Cardinal Newman Academy. I am excited to get started.

But what exactly am I excited about? What is my goal for CNA? It is simple: to have it be the best school in the country. I want our school to offer students the best possible experience of the truth in all of its glorious and wonderful facets. Although these facets present different aspects of the truth, it is good to recall that all study of truth is fundamentally the study of one thing: God. This ultimate reality of things will permeate and order the academic experience at Cardinal Newman Academy.

Too often, schools fail to offer students anything resembling a rational whole because they have no integer: no one thing that orders and gives meaning to everything in the course of studies. Without such an integrating principle, education seems arbitrary at best and meaningless at worst. This will not be the case at Cardinal Newman Academy. Everything relating to the life of the school will have its proper place, understood in light of the integrating principle of the school.

I am excited to begin this noble mission at Cardinal Newman Academy. I look forward to meeting you all and working with you to make this school a truly great place. As St. Paul reminds us, we can do all things in Christ. Please pray for me and pray for the continued success of Cardinal Newman Academy.

In Christ,

Steve Fitzpatrick
Incoming Head of School
Cardinal Newman Academy