​Our curriculum at Cardinal Newman Academy is designed to provide the intellectual formation and character development needed for success and flourishing. At the heart of both is effective communication.

Whether it is in our education, profession, or the relationships that bring meaning to our lives, communication is at the core of being human. For that reason, it is at the core of the education our students receive at Cardinal Newman Academy.

This year, we are excited to offer a 12-week Public Speaking elective. In this course, students will be given a foundation in effective oral communication. Working together as a collaborative team, our students will compose and deliver brief speeches and grow together in confidence and ability. During their first class, for example, students learned some of the basics: what to do with their bodies, how to breathe, and how to take control of a room prior to delivering a speech.

Both inside the classroom and out, we strive each day to instill in our students the habits and tools needed to become good communicators. We are excited to welcome Mr. Cliff Bruce to lead our students in this new course. His passion and experience are a great addition to our program.

Pax Christi,

Stephen M. Fitzpatrick

Stephen M. Fitzpatrick

Head of School, Cardinal Newman Academy