Tell among the nations his glory,
And his wonders among all the peoples,
For the Lord is great and highly to be praised.

Dear Friends,

The Mass of Tuesday, January 26th was a very memorable one for the Cardinal Newman Academy community as it was the first time we were able to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at our Bon Air campus. It was a beautiful and momentous occasion. The above quote from the Psalms (96) was the Entrance Antiphon for the Mass of that day and it especially struck me for several reasons.

“The Lord is great.” The Lord in His greatness has gifted us with Himself through the mystery of transubstantiation. The students at Cardinal Newman Academy attend Mass and have access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation once a week and, for one of those weeks, we are blessed to attend Mass within our own walls and praise Him in the building in which we gather every day for intellectual and spiritual growth. We are very grateful to the Diocese of Richmond for granting us permission to have Mass on-site. Cardinal Newman Academy is proud of its good relationship with the Diocese and we await with anticipation our coming recognition as an independent Catholic school.

Father Brian Capuano celebrates Mass at Cardinal Newman Academy

“Tell among the Nations his glory.” A school can be a wonderful way to tell the wonders of God to all the peoples. In many ways, I look upon my role as a teacher as a way to fulfill my part in the great commission of Jesus to go and make disciples of the nations (Matt. 28). This is the case in two ways. As a teacher, I show the truth about Jesus and His Church to my students, who, in their turn, spread the Good News to others. In another way, a school can be a wonderful witness to the world of the truth and the joy, love, and peace that can only be had through faith in Christ.

These were my thoughts as I heard the words of the Antiphon. Cardinal Newman Academy represents the hard work, vision, and effort of many people and the celebration of the Mass on campus is in a profound way a culmination of that work. The Lord came to Cardinal Newman Academy to bless and nourish us with His body and blood. The Lord indeed is highly to be praised.


Stephen Fitzpatrick
Head of School
Cardinal Newman Academy