The St. Vincent De Paul Fund

Supporting the Mission of Catholic Education

The St. Vincent De Paul* Fund supports Cardinal Newman Academy’s mission through monthly giving. The Fund helps fulfill our mission of providing a vibrant, well-rounded, and Christ-centered education to our students by funding the scholarships and financial aid that ensure our education remains affordable and accessible to all.

*St. Vincent de Paul dedicated his life to helping those in need. He is the Patron Saint of charitable works for the global Church and is the patron of the Diocese of Richmond.

Cardinal Newman Academy is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Donations to the St. Vincent de Paul Fund are tax-deductible.

Monthly Giving Levels

Tier One: $5-$25 (Magnet + Newsletter)

Tier Two: $26-$49 (Tier 1 + Handmade Rosary)

Tier Three: $50-$99 (Tier 2 + T-Shirt)

Tier Four: $100 and above (Tier 3 + Stainless Steel Water Bottle + Annual Donors’ Banquet)

Thank You for Your Generous Support!

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