Since our Open House in early May, when we opened our school for our supporters and future families to see, we have been busy. As we have described in prior emails, we have found excellent and knowledgeable faculty dedicated to our educational philosophy to teach our first students. We have ensured that our students will be able to begin participating in a variety of extracurricular activities. But what has been truly gratifying for me: we have been offering a summer math enrichment program.

Each Monday and Wednesday for the last four weeks, I have been meeting with our students for math enrichment. We start with a simple problem that reviews basic math skills and build upon it, reaching questions that require the students to find and recognize patterns, draw diagrams, or make tables to solve them. It has been fun to teach them and watch their confidence and enjoyment grow, but it has been wonderful, in the relaxed atmosphere of the summer classroom, to see, the students get to know each other, share inside jokes and nicknames – in short, to become friends.

Cardinal Newman Academy has a bright future.