Cardinal Newman Academy

Our Mission

Cardinal Newman Academy seeks to form and equip Christian citizens. Our students are offered systematic knowledge of the Catholic intellectual tradition, integrated knowledge of core academic subjects, and the abilities to reason well and communicate effectively. We promote the development of a personal relationship with God, a spirit of joyful service to others and a commitment to honoring the dignity of the human person in all that they do. Through their education in the liberal arts, our students grow in wisdom and receive the foundation needed to pursue any educational path or career with integrity.

a joyful Catholic High School

“The vision for the school, centered on Christ, is a public witness to our Catholic faith and culture, and it is vitally important in the lives of our young people.”

— Bishop Barry Knestout


Academics at Cardinal Newman Academy train the mind in the great areas of human interest, the heart in the service of God, and the will for self-sacrifice and responsibility. Our liberal arts education forms young men and women to have broad interests, display a spirit of generosity, and be committed to the cultivation of virtue.

Beginning with our signature 9th grade Natural History course, students are challenged to cultivate a sense of wonder and inquiry that animates all our academic program. Newman’s curriculum enables students to acquire a liberal arts education rooted in Classical and Christian culture and adapted to the challenges of life in the contemporary world. Through courses in science, mathematics, history, literature, Latin, foreign language, studio art, music, theology and philosophy, students learn to think critically, reason well and communicate effectively.

Cardinal Newman Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association.