“Liberal Education, viewed in itself, is simply the cultivation of the intellect as such, and its object is nothing more or less than intellectual excellence.”

St. John Henry Newman, The Idea of a University

Cardinal Newman Academy provides a rigorous education rooted in the liberal arts tradition.

We believe that knowledge is worth having for its own sake, and our primary mission is to teach our students, in the words of St. John Henry Newman, to “reach out towards truth and grasp it.”

Our students pursue this goal with a sense of wonder and a spirit of joy for the gifts of our own lives and all God’s creation.

Our educational vision is rooted in the Eucharist, which is the source and summit of the Faith, and our curriculum integrates faith and life, grounds learning in a Catholic worldview, cultivates virtue, and esteems sanctity.

Cardinal Newman Academy emphasizes the great works of Western civilization to help our students acquire the moral and intellectual habits needed to excel in any academic or professional pursuits.

We educate our students by introducing them to the best that has been thought, written, formed, and expressed. These exemplars teach Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and form the moral imagination.

Finally we recognize that we prepare our students to go out into the world, to be Christian citizens who witness to the Truth and evangelize for Christ.

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