Our Crest

Cardinal Newman Academy’s crest illustrates significant elements of our vision for the school.

Upper Left Quadrant

The upper left quadrant derives from the crest of John Henry Newman, whose motto was ‘cor ad cor loquitur,’ or, ‘heart speaks to heart.’

The three hearts represent the three Divine Persons of the Trinity and the horizontal line symbolizes their mutual love and personal relationship.

Education at Cardinal Newman Academy is not simply concerned with communicating information, but rather with hearts shaping hearts in community.

Upper Right Quadrant

The upper right quadrant contains ancient symbols for Jesus Christ: the Chi Ro, the first two Greek letters in Christ’s name; and the Alpha and Omega, the name given to Christ in Revelation.

The use of these symbols manifests that Christ is at the forefront of education at Cardinal Newman Academy. The fundamental principle guiding our education is what Pope Francis calls “the Christian proposal, namely Jesus Christ as the meaning of life, of the cosmos and of history.”

Lower Left Quadrant

The lower left quadrant shows the famous landmark of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and symbolizes that, while remaining an independent school, we will maintain fidelity to the Bishop of Richmond and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

The dome also signifies our commitment to incorporate the cultural, historic, and scientific opportunities of our Richmond location throughout our academic program.

Lower Right Quadrant

The lower right quadrant contains an oak tree, a simple but strong symbol of the natural world, our relationship to creation, and our role as its stewards.

Through the beauty of the natural world, we come to know God and His goodness. An appreciation of the natural order fuels every scientific endeavor, and the recognition of nature’s order and beauty is an essential step on the road to grasping truth and training the next generation in responsibility for their task.